Saturday, July 14, 2012

Some Much Needed Updates

Hey all! 

We had our Spring Concert last month and had an awesome turn-out.  The reception was equally lovely with lots of sweet pastries, some of which were basked or hand-made by chorus members, as well as the ever present coffee and tea.  The chorus had a bake sale as well, and we did very well with it!  We’re thinking of continuing that as one of our fundraising options. 

A total of four SWC ladies attended the AUSS (American Union of Swedish Singers) convention in New Haven, CT.  The hotel was nice, and we had a great time singing with so many enthusiastic singers.  Every convention has an individual chorus night, where each attending choir has a chance to perform a few songs from their repertoire.  Even though we were the smallest choir there by far, we still filled that ballroom with our voices.  Many came up to us afterward and complimented us on our energy, song choice, and style.  Kudos to us! 

One last thing, we’re experimenting with different Tumblr lay-outs. Be patient as we find the one that suits us best! 

We’re taking a break now for the summer, but we’ll be starting up again in the Fall.  Come sing with us!